3.3. Export orders to Doba

General Settings:
  • Select field containing Doba items ID

  • Select filed to store Doba orders ID

The fields "doba_item_id" and "doba_order_id" contain unique for each product/order numbers, which serve for the identification of certain product/order. If no value is specified in those fields or wrong identification fields are chosen, then Store Manager won't be able to recognize the current product/order and will create the new one, which may cause the data duplication.

  • Select order status to process:
Select order status

- Export store Order ID as PO Number (PO number  is the unique identifier, which generated by the customer during purchasing to authorize an order transaction)
- Immediately submit order payment
- use default billing profile
- CVV2 Code (
"Card Verification Value")  .

Also, you can Select Configuration (that was saved) and add it to Scheduled tasks in order to Export Orders automatically, on the regular basis.

The next step is Preview Export Data that allows to check the orders that would be exported. Also, at this page of the wizard you can filter the orders by date or by order number:
  • Select Time Period
  • Filter by Order Number

After you make sure that all orders are selected correctly, you can proceed with Exporting of orders.

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