3.5 Synchronize Orders


By using the next section of Doba Integration Addon wizard you can launch the orders' synchronization process which allows to reconcile (sync) orders statuses and other order's information of your store with the appropriate

variants from the Doba Dropshipper marketplace.

Synchronize Orders

On 'General Settings' step of this operation you should fill the fields with the required data:

General settings step

- select field containing Doba items ID (use the browse button which calls drop-down list with available variants);
- select fields containing Doba orders ID - choose from the drop-down list the required one;
- select store order statuses to synchronize - check the variants at your store you want to update (sync). Please choose at least one order status to synchronize.

In the right part you can see the table with Doba orders status list. In front of each field you are able to choose the appropriate store orders statuses to be synchronized with the Doba ones.

Order status synchronize settings

You can click on the 'Auto Mapping' option to pull up those positions which can be identified automatically.

Auto Mapping option

If you have previously performed the orders status synchronization and save its settings you can easily upload saved configuration by using the appropriate button at the bottom of the window or create the new one by clicking on

the Add new' option.

Select or Add configuration

To change the name of the existing configuration, hit the 'Rename' button and specify your own value there.

Rename configuration

To remove current configuration from the saved list press the 'Delete' button - Delete sync configuration button.

In order to automate the synchronization of orders status you can add this process to the scheduler and set its frequency among the possible options in the schedule form:

Add task Doba to scheduler

If your filling completed, you can press the corresponding option to start the synchronization process:

Synchronize orders option

You will get the summary results in the separate window.  Click on the "Finish" button to exit the wizard and continue to work in the Store Manager:

Doba orders status synchronization summary results